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What Systems do we use to flip our houses into homes?

Here at Homes of The Mountains, we get questions from people who want to know... What systems do you use? Do you file things? What accounting system do you use? How do you design properties? Marketing, Websites etc....

I thought I would share some of our processes to help fellow Flippers out there.

What Accounting System do you use?

Quickbooks Online Advanced

If you are just starting out you won't necessarily need to Advanced in case you would like to save some money. Each Tier has different abilities and for where we are and the amount of properties, categories, accounts etc that we need we use the Advanced which has toe most flexibility, customization and Reports etc.

We love the reports we are able to get from Quickbooks Online whether weekly when we are working on properties or monthly once they are in our rentals inventory. End of year we are able to do our 1099s and taxes simply and easily through this system as well. It saves so much time and seeing what we spend and what we make is a lifesaver.

What Filing System do you use?

Hubdoc Electronic Filing & Manual Paper Filing as Well

Hubdoc is a Wonderful Tool where we are able to use our Scansnap Machines to scan receipts, invoices, paperwork etc. directly into Hubdoc. I am able to tag each one and fill out the details and file in an electronic file. We like to keep paper for safety so each property does have it's own physical find we keep in our filing cabinet. Everything in Hubdoc can also be transferred over to Quickbooks such as receipts I can fill out the details and then publish it and it will go straight into our accounting system.

What Customer Relation Management system do you use?


We had this customized and we are able to insert all details of utilities in, where we are in the process of rehabbing, listing, renting or selling. I can keep important documents such as Home Insurance Policies, Tenant Agreements and more directly attached to the property.

How do you receive phone calls?

This is such a great application overall, I can link everything to my cell phone, but yet have a completely different number and set up a special voicemail so it is professional for our business. We also use them for our e-fax system.

These are just a few of our systems we use to make our business work, there are so many other attributes, systems, forms, marketing that we have in place.

Feel free to let me know if you have a specific question and I can tell you what we use and what works for us which may or may not work for you or other companies.

Turning Another House into "A Home"

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