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End of Summer Checklist

August brings the start of a new season- fall! Who doesn't love the changing landscapes (especially here in Asheville), the cooler air, and you can't forget the amazing flavors like pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon! August also brings the end of a fan favorite- summer. Especially in the business we are in, the end of summer can mean the winddown of several properties that are

popular during vacation season. With that

come a few extra responsibilities for entering

a new season, like cleaning, organizing,

and routine maintenance. If you are a property owner,

check out these five tips for a summer close down!


Clean Window sills and Window Tracks

With the warmer weather of summer comes some creepy critters, who might've made webs in your windows! A thorough vacuuming of the window tract and sill will help to eliminate their homes and prep those windows for all that fresh air coming soon! Make sure to use this time to wipe the glass down, too!

Look Over and Around your Air Conditioning Units

Those units have been working overtime the past few months and deserve a little TLC. Make sure all air flow is good, steady, and that there are no leaks or issues with the inside. Make sure to give it a good wipe down, and remove any debris or plants that are growing around the exterior. If you do notice any issues, make sure to call your local repair man!

Organize your Linen Closet(s)

Summer is a time where lots of outside fun happens, which can mean an uptake in using towels and other linens. Now is a good time to go through them, and throw away any tattered, torn, or stained linens! You can also find amazing clearance sales on pool towels that are at the end of the season to replace anyone that you find needing to be tossed.

Clean out the Garage

With all the seasonal equipment being put away again (pool floats, kayaks, water toys, beach chairs, etc.), now is a great time to clean out the garage and prepare it for the fall weather. Put away any seasonal equipment, sweep and pressure wash the carport/garage area, and wrap up any hoses or sprinklers that were used for summer landscaping during the dry months. Trust, there's nothing worse than tripping over the hose when it is buried under all the leaves!

Clean All Bathroom Drains

Swimming comes with more showers for hair washes and shaving, and it can be a task for your drain to keep up! Now is a good time to clean out any drains that you have, whether sinks or showers or bathtubs. Go to your local home improvement store for a trusty snake and drain cleaner and get to it! Doing the routine maintenance on these matters will save you headaches and money in the long run!

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