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DIY Fall Mantel

It's almost time for soup season, which means it's almost time for fireplace season, too! As it cools down, you may want to warm up by the fireplace. Spending lots of time snuggled as a family on the couch is great, but it could be even better with a cozy view. Bring your space to life with these easy DIY tips for your fall mantel. Bonus: these are free or low low cost to do!

Use Nature Elements

Chances are, you're enamored by the beauty of the natural colors outside with fall. You can collect leaves from your backyard and fill them in vases with some picks or flowers that you find. Or, you can find locally grown Pompas grass and fill it in a vase. Especially in the south, it's abundant! Additionally, you can find a variety of gourds and pumpkins to display. These simple easy to find touches can add a lot of color and life into your home!

Thrift Vintage items

Thrifted items are the easiest way to add a "new" element to your fall collection. Thrifted books in stacks, brass candlesticks, or simple trinkets from your local thrift shop can be arranged for your viewing pleasure. Plus, whenever you thrift, you are giving back to a good cause! What's a better way to get into the fall gratitude mood than that?

Keep it simple with Neutrals

There is a time and place for a pop of color, but it's not the autumn season. Autumn shines on its own with the natural colors, and therefore most decor demands neutral themes to balance out the natural colors that exist in the autumn palette. Whites, beige, tan, blacks, and browns will be the best options for the mantel decorations. These can be in elements such as baskets, sticks/picks, dried leaves, or garlands.

Play with lighting

Soft lighting such as string lights, candles, LED lamps, and LED candles can add an element of ambiance to your mantel situation. When sitting on fall evenings by the fire, the soft lighting adds a sparkle to whatever decorations you put to display. Lighting is often an understated decoration. Chances are, you probably have string lights that were used elsewhere for summer decorations that you could repurpose for your fall mantel.

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