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Sprucing up that Exterior "Curb Appeal"

As you may already have figured out by now spring is here or maybe for some you already feeling the warmth of the weather. Are you thinking about doing something to the outside of your home, but you aren’t sure what? Did you know curb appeal adds value for all homeowners not just the ones selling the home. So that being said here’s an idea... Start with giving your house a Good Pressure Wash. This can be done by a professional or if you happen to have one or don't mind spending just a little bit to purchase one and put in a little elbow grease to get the work done it is definitely something you can do yourself.

Once this is done you will be amazed at what your home or house you are fixing up will look like. Sometimes you think you may need to paint the outside of your house or flip and indeed a good pressure wash changes your mind and saves you a ton of money and time as well. You can also paint which can make a house look like a new place as well it really is preference.

Now that the outside of your home or flip looks clean, you may be wonder gin what next?

Next, depending on if you have a porch or not, you can add hanging ferns to the house for relatively cheap and they make a house feel like a home from the outside. Now by adding a few decorative planters with colorful shrubbery to your porch it will bring that warmth that you have been looking for and best of all, all of this on a budget.

Another way to give your Curb Appeal a whole new look is by grabbing a thing of paint and painting the front door either a fresh coat of the same color if you like it or a hint of color and it will make things look completely different and add that POP of color you were needing.

So now our front looks totally fresh and new, but what about the yard? No worries, we have you covered there as well... In your flower beds, add new mulch, maybe a few new plants and trim the bushes you may currently have.

I hope these ideas for sprucing up the outside of your home or flip help you in bringing in that curb appeal you were hoping for.

Turning Another House into "A Home"

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