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How to Love Your Home Again!

1. Organize and De-Clutter for the Spring Time Ahead

Do you have closets and cabinets in your home that are full of unused items? All of this “said” stuff causing stress in your life? Take a weekend to yourself and stand in front of the cluttered space take a deep breath and say today we are going to do this, we are going to get rid of the things I don’t need or use anymore. Make sure to take one space, room, cabinet, closet whatever it may be at a time. Otherwise this can become very overwhelming and you never get each one completely done. I have one track bag or two and several boxes. Bags are meant for trash and the boxes are meant for items still good and ready to give to donation centers. You will feel so accomplished and less stressed when you see that space cleared, clean and you actually know what you have. Plus it feels great to be able to give to donation centers knowing it will help others and that old stuff will be put to use by another family in need of it. :-)

2. Wasted space

How about that wasted space you have in your home? Don’t worry your not alone everyone has that area in their home that’s just there it really serves no purpose other than to store unused toys or clothes. Do you ever wonder if that space can be put to better use? Well I am here to tell you there is a purpose. I myself love the whole bench idea with the hooks to hang coats or towels maybe even book bags or simply your purse on. Pictured below is example of this brilliant idea.

This is so brilliant, the kids can place their coats and backpacks up top and their lunch boxes and boots down below. My kids also have their mittens and hats that stay in the cubby this way they always know where their stuff is to be ready to walk out the door whether for Church or time to go to school early in the morning. 3. Keeping your house clean.

Once you have de-cluttered those closets or rooms you have been working on, focus on keeping it clean and tidy still one room at a time. Maybe even bring nature inside your home whether it be a bouquet of flowers or head to Hobby Lobby and get a great planter and their Beautiful Big Sunflowers I love which add a POP of Color to your home. Having a clean home can have a lasting effect on your daily emotions and mental health.

4. If you want to make it constantly smell fresh and ready whether it is for your personal home, for staging purposes or for potential buyers to walk into a fresh clean scent. Add Candle Warmers throughout the house and your favorite scent. I have an example of a simple one below, but they have some super cute homey ones as well. No matter the look, it will smell like home to any future buyer, renter or yourself.

I hope these few ideas will help you feel ready for the Upcoming Spring Cleaning Time and if you are about to list your house for rent or sale it can be cleaned up and ready for the next person to call your house their home! :-)

Turning Another House into "A Home"

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