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Spring Time is Coming!

Who is ready for spring and enjoying your backyard?! I know I am! Get your yard ready for spring with these ideas:

1) Make a simple pallet flower display. Fill it with potted flowers in spring and summer and then switch to pumpkins and mums for the fall.

2) Having a party?Hanging string lights are a fun and pretty way to light up a back porch. This gives just the right amount of character along with a beautiful lit up backyard

3) Keep warm on those cool spring nights with a DIY fire pit. Check out this link for many awesome DIY options!

4) Add a little mulch to your flowerbeds and a few fresh new plants. It is amazing what adding a little freshness and new color to your walkways will do and make it feel so inviting to all your guests.

5) Last Tip for this time is to pressure wash the outside of your house and walkways.

Wow you will feel like you have a Whole New Home and all of this done for a small cost, but it goes a long way.

Pallet Project to add color to your porch

Turning Another House into "A Home"

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