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Back to The Basics: Organization for School

Filing System

I know your wondering, why a Flipper here is talking about Organization, but this is actuallyone of our specialties when flipping a home once our project is complete... and I thought what better way than to give a few tips for all the parents out there with their kids starting school.

1) We love Mudrooms here, but not everyone has this kind of space, but majority of people have a space by the front door. Add a bench and a few hooks and there you have it, a place to hang backpacks at the door, the kids coats and shoes. No more getting frustrated trying to hunt for kids items.

Kids Organization

2) Add a Decorative Basket for each child and hang there name on it with a name tag they decorate. Each time they get something special they made from school and show you, you now have a space for it. I mean of course it will probably go on the refrigerator for a while till they bring the next craft home, but this way you can always know where there arts and crafts are.

3) File your Papers, okay I know some people are laughing at me, but I promise you a lot of people have papers stacked miles high not knowing what to do with them and being frustrated. Buy some manilla folders and a sharpie or a label maker if you prefer and file everything so no more getting frustrated at your desk or trying to find those school records for the teacher.

4) Buy a small desk for kids at home, add a pencil holder and they have a place for homework, now no more losing their homework.

5) Last Tip of the day, all those fun snacks and drinks for your kids lunches, buy one more decorative container or so and you can place them all in here so its easy access to grab and go instead of hunting through the pantry we all dread.

A little different post today, but definitely great tips for parents out there. If you guys have any ideas feel free to post below in the comments section.

Have a Happy Organizing Time from Homes at Lake Norman Team

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