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What is Staging a House All About?

When it comes to staging a house everyone wants to know WHY people do this or how they do it. How much does it cost? What is the point of staging a home, I mean seriously when there is furniture already there? Why not just leave it as is?

Have you ever seen a house that has been staged properly vs your house? Wow!!! Probably a huge difference! Houses that are not staged have absolutely no appeal to the buyer. A Lot of time they will see personal items, it probably doesn’t look fresh and clean. They are not able to visualize it as a “Home” when someone else has too much clutter in areas. These are all things that are a turn off to a buyer. No one really knows this. Also, what kind of photos are up of your home? Are they photos of items in the house or can you actually tell what the room looks like? Is it bright? Or is it dark?

These are all great tips and questions to ask yourself when you have your house for sale. I mean think about when you are house hunting, what helps you visualize it as a prospective “Home” better than actually seeing it look like a home or being able to visualize where your furniture can go and what things can look like.

Hope this has given you some insight on questions you need to ask yourself when listing your house up for sale! Staging is such a huge part of what helps our houses here at Homes at Lake Norman sell within just a few days, so come back and read more as we constantly post new and different ideas throughout the year for buyers, sellers, renters and more to look for!

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