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Sprucing Up The Kitchen!

The Kitchen is one of the biggest selling points when selling a house. If you have seen they are not only a great selling point, but can be thousands of dollars to update, upgrade and redo! Here are a few changes that can be made on a budget:

Add a Little Color!

Some people think to redo cabinets that are outdated, you have to replace them or go crazy and sand down, prime and then put several coats of paint on, while this can be true in certain circumstances, there is actually an Amazing Paint meant specifically for Cabinets called Milk Paint, it is a huge time saver, no sanding necessary! Just painting your cabinets can be a Drastic Change in such a positive way for a house!

BackSplash Time!

These can be expensive or you can even find some different styles for any budget and add some character to that Backsplash to help buyers feel like they have a brand new kitchen event hough it's just a few changes to draw there eye in!

Character Must Have!

If you have any blank walls for extra storage, you can always add a cute shelve and stage with a couple of cookbooks or add a pop of color through your vases or staging items to add that extra character! Last but not least, this is a super cheap way to add great style and a huge change to your once dreary kitchen... New Handles or Knobs, this can go such a long way and help it feel so updated for prospective home buyers.

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