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How to Add More Space without Spending a single Penny!

I know some people are wondering what do you mean add more space and spend absolutely nothing? Okay here’s the catch, maybe you are not actually adding space, but more of an illusion of more space for that home buyer walking through. We talked about taking certain family photos, memorabilia and more away to help open up the space, but as well as helping them visually be able to see this as their home potentially for a home buyer.

Tip # 1) More Closet Space!

Buyers are always looking to have as much space as possible in a home whether that be for storage, clothes, toys etc. Although your closet may seem big especially seeing everything it can hold, take out a few items and leave it half way or so full and it will give the effect that there is actually more space.

Tip # 2) Let’s Open the Rooms Up!

If you go ahead and pack up about 30% of each room your going to add a visual effect that here again there is more space than there really is in each room for the home buyer. Just make sure once packed up you don’t leave them in the house otherwise we would be back at square one taking away from that cozy feeling for a lot of buyers who are visual.

Tip # 3) Kitchen Space

If you have a lot of electronics meaning Toasters, Microwaves, Blenders etc. on the counter tops go ahead and remove those, whether that means packing them up or neatly placing them in a cabinet with space. These items can take up space and make it feel more closed in.

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