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Tired of Bland Walls? Need a Pop of Color? Here are Some Tips!

So Let’s talk about COLORS, so many people take the safe road with beige walls. There’s nothing wrong with beige walls, don’t get me wrong, but why not pop them a little? The colors you use in a house depend on the character you are looking for. A Modern Home you are going to use a lot brighter colors throughout usually, a farmhouse or chic style home you will see the more grays, whites and wood used throughout. Then we have a coastal decor for home, probably more blue you will see in these homes. So many choices how will you choose? First decide your style or the style you want in your home. You will see Homes of The Poconos definitely has the rustic, farmhouse chic style, now this does depend on the area and character of the homes on what we will do for design, but you can see exactly what we do in our “Featured Homes” with Before’s and Afters.

Now back to that pop we were talking about, once you figure out the style you want in your home let’s find a color to pop with. Take one wall whether that be one in the dining room, where the fireplace is, an entry way or personalizing your master bedroom, all you need is one wall to pop with those beige walls. Look at your decor and find a slight color that you love and could take to the next level. A lot of people might use a teal color, you can use just about anything and it makes it look like a brand new home for you, so simple, so cheap and such a change!

I can’t wait to show you the character and design we have going on in the 157 State Street Property, stay tuned for that update coming in September as we Turn Another House into a “Home”!

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